Regardless of your experience, we have something to offer everyone.

Our success depends on our team

Happy customers begin with a team of people who are happy and fulfilled in their jobs. Over the past few years, customer and employee expectations have changed, and we are working to create a better way to meet the needs of everyone we serve.

Are you looking for a company that sees you as a person and not just an employee? We are working to build an environment where your needs are considered, and our policy is built around the needs of the individuals that make up our team. Want to work from home? We can do that. Need to work “non-standard” hours? We can do that. Need to swap your day off with someone else? We can do that. Need to take a 4-hour lunch in the middle of the week? We can work that out.

We may not be able to meet every individual’s requirement, but we are willing to listen to your needs and make an honest effort to support your work-life balance.

Most importantly, the work we do has a real and ongoing impact to the people we serve. We support an under-served population of people who have paved the way for us. You get a chance to make a difference and to truly change people’s lives.

Looking for a new career? Have you considered becoming a licensed insurance agent?

Becoming a licensed agent may be the first step in a new, rewarding career. We’ll help you learn a new skill and obtain a valuable insurance producer license that and experience that is yours for life.

If you are looking for a change in careers, we’ll pay for you to get licensed and provide additional paid training along with near-immediate access to commissions and incentives.

If you’re qualified and interested MyPlanAdvocate will pay the cost of your state insurance licensing training. Once you pass, we’ll start paying you hourly as soon as the very next day (depending on pay cycles). After you’ve been with us for 90 days, we’ll pay you your hourly wage for the time you spent working for your insurance license.

Our average agent will obtain multiple state insurance licenses that are valued at up to $5,000 in their first year with MyPlanAdvocate. Those licenses are yours from that point forward.

This is not a commission only position. Our agents will be paid a base salary, be eligible for benefits, overtime, sales contests, and other perks all while making additional compensation based on sales production. If you are ready for a new, flexible, engaging, and financially rewarding opportunity, this may be the job for you. (For more information on the role as you progress keep reading about the role for existing agents.)

Already an experienced agent but looking for something new?

Up to $5,000 signing bonus (after 90 days – based on number of licenses and previous experience) for all currently licensed agents.

Are you tired of forced overtime, static schedules, inflexible hours, or unachievable goals? Have you broken sales records to only be recognized with a gift card or a pat-on-the-back? Would you like to try something new at a company that is being purpose-built from the ground up to support our employees and our customers?

We offer flexible schedules and Work from Home or in-office opportunities (in some locations). Paid training, competitive base with benefits, leads, calls, technology, and favorable comp plans, including initial sales and retention commissions. In addition, we provide state-of-art gamification programs and “choose your own adventure” incentives that award top performers and those willing to go the extra mile for their customers.

If you are looking for career advancement, we are fast-paced and even faster-growing. In our first year, we’ll have opportunities for sales leadership, training, operations, compliance, and more.

If you are even thinking of looking for a new opportunity, now is the time. Our initial team will have the ability to help us design the tools and processes that will drive this company for years. Join us early in 2022 and be ready for the best AEP/OEP of your life!

Take Part

Our software will change how people understand their health needs and the plans needed to protect it. This is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor and be part of forming a company and ultimately reshaping the entire industry.

Embrace the Future

Artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, modern front-end frameworks, REST services, and cloud infrastructure drive our platforms. The term "legacy" and "mainframe" don't exist here.

Remote Team Environment

Don’t stay in your lane. We work cross-functionally but also together. We’re open to experimenting with new tools, technology, and ideas. In addition to working on the latest tech, you will also be part of sales, marketing, and operations discussions. You will know how the business works from beginning to end.

Currently Interviewing for the following Positions

* Most positions allow the flexibility of working from home or in our Salt Lake City office.
Case Manager/Enrollment Representative
Compliance Analyst
Development Engineer
Development Lead
Director of Digital Marketing
Director of Lead Acquisition
Director of Medicare Sales
Finance Analyst
Insurance Sales Agent (Medicare)
Licensing and Contracting Analyst
Medicare Benefits Advocate (Licensed or Unlicensed)
Sales QA
Sales Manager
Sales Trainer