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What Does Medicare Cover?

5 Things to Consider When Changing Medicare Plans During Open Enrollment

If it’s fall, it’s the time of the year when Medicare beneficiaries review their current coverage and compare it to other available Medicare benefits plans. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) gives all Medicare enrollees the opportunity to make changes to their coverage during the Open Enrollment Period that takes place every year…

Can I Change My Prescription Drug Plan During Open Enrollment?

Every year during the Medicare Open Enrollment Period from October 15th to December 7th, Medicare beneficiaries can change their Medicare coverage to better fit their health care and budget needs.  Enrollees can switch from Medicare Advantage to Original Medicare or vice versa, choose a different Medicare Advantage plan, or they can switch, add, or drop…

Our Mission

We want to do more than find a plan that is a good fit. We want to work with you to find you a plan that is right for your current and future needs, even if that plan is not a plan we are contracted to offer.

Does Medicare Cover Hospital Stays? 

In the United States, people over 65 years old have the highest rate of inpatient hospital admissions of any other age group. Statistics show that more than a quarter of all inpatient hospital stays every year involve seniors. Seniors typically need inpatient hospital care because of medical emergencies, diagnostic testing, surgical procedures, or intensive treatments…

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